Full Name
Nicholas Beaty
WTC Rennes Bretagne
Speaker Bio
Nicholas Beaty has been coordinating WTC Rennes Bretagne since January 2018. He is passionate about international relations and networking and has worked in France, the United States and North Africa. While working at WTC Rennes Bretagne, Nicholas discovered a tremendous network deeply rooted in one value he truly cherishes : “Peace through trade.” This motto, first coined by Charles De Montesquieu, drives him every day while managing the day to day operations of WTC Rennes Bretagne, an association of over 100 member companies and institutions interested in expanding internationally. Since its creation in 2010, WTC Rennes Bretagne has created several clubs/expertise : Quebec, Iran, the United Kingdom, the USA and Morocco. A Russia Club has now joined the list as the first meeting took place on November 10, 2021.
Nicholas Beaty