Please enjoy this video overview on the 2023 General Assembly from Edem Kofi Yevutsey, Executive Director of WTC Accra, and the WTC Accra team!

The WTCA General Assembly (GA) is the association's premier annual event, gathering representatives from member World Trade Center (WTC) locations and their business networks. In 2023, the WTCA GA focuses on business opportunities across the continent of Africa, bringing together new and expanded opportunities not only to/from Ghana, but all nations. The exclusive roster of attendees includes leaders from business, government and international organizations.

With the theme of "Towards African Economic Integration and Enhanced Global Presence," the 2023 GA promises to be a unique and engaging event, demonstrating the strength of the WTCA network and focusing on business opportunities on the African continent with buyers, sellers and investors in:


Agriculture & Fishing, Mining, Power & Energy, Water

Food Processing, Manufacturing, Building and Construction (Real Estate)

Banking & Finances, Retailing, Information & Communication Technology (ICT)



WTCA Members

USD $900

B2B Delegates

USD $1100

Local African Business Delegates 

USD $450

Virtual Attendees

USD $450

Accompanying Persons

USD $700

Ticket fees include the following:

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Ghana is a country of 31 million people with a fast-growing, young, globally and digitally connected population. Many Ghanaians have strong personal or business ties to the United States, and a strong affinity for American brands and technology.


Ghana is the third largest U.S. export market for goods in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

  • Beyond its traditional industries of agriculture, mining – and more recently, oil and gas production – Ghana’s digital, financial services, education, and franchising sectors are growing fast. 
  • Ghana’s developing healthcare system, tourism sector, roads, rail, shipping, and port infrastructure offer opportunities for U.S. companies.
  • Ghana’s Atlantic ports and daily direct flights from the United States make it an excellent platform for doing business in Africa. As the host to the new African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat, Ghana is at the heart of Africa’s transformative regional integration and is a great place to launch your business strategy for the African continent. 
  • In 2022, the country is experiencing a period of fiscal tightening as the government grapples with balancing its growing deficits and debt financing obligations. Nonetheless, Ghana’s medium- and long-term growth prospects remain strong.

The 2023 WTCA General Assembly begins in:

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