WTCA Biennial Champions Awards Winners

3rd Biennial (2024): 

  • Champion Award for Local Connectivity: WTC Bhubaneswar for facilitating over 35 trade promotion programs under the Export Facilitation Cell in the last nine months, and being declared as the State Export Facilitation Cell by the State Government of Odisha.


  • Champion Award for Reciprocity & Network Support: WTC Savannah for fulfilling 20 reciprocity desk requests from various WTC businesses across India in 2023, supporting WTC Atlanta in their strategic development, collaborating with WTC Accra for the 2023 WTCA General Assembly, and encouraging prospective WTC businesses to join the invaluable WTCA network. 


  • Champion Award for Sustainability: WTC The Hague/Rotterdam for creating a good living and working environment within their premises, receiving significant awards in Sustainability, and supporting the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals, aiming to become Paris Proof by 2045 and making their buildings as energy efficient as possible. 


  • Champion Award for Innovation: WTC Taipei for utilizing the latest technologies and innovations to enable dynamic MICE experiences for the community, and their B2B platform featuring "Sales Avatars," which will soon enable real-time translation in over 70 languages, thereby helping SMEs overcome language barriers and reach global markets. 


  • Regional Member of the Year (Asia Pacific): WTC Bengaluru for operating with transparency, contributing to a culture of trust and reliability among its members and the broader business community in the Asia Pacific region.


  • Regional Member of the Year (Europe): WTC Lisboa for hosting a successful European Regional Meeting, representing the WTCA in China to further connectivity, and helping to spearhead the WTCA as a renowned organization for real estate investment and business clubs. 


  • Regional Member of the Year (Latin America): WTC Monterrey for serving as a beacon of education and activity for its region in Mexico, working with more than 6,000 small businesses throughout the year, and shaping the interests of future generations. 


  • Regional Member of the Year (Middle East & Africa): WTC Algiers for furthering WTCA's strength in Business Clubs, serving as a gateway to the African and Middle Eastern markets as a reliable partner, and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise by organizing international trade events, conferences, and business forums to enhance economic prospects for its members and the region at large. 


  • Regional Member of the Year (North America): WTC Savannah for achieving several milestones in 2023 — hosting its fourth annual signature event, attracting over 500 leaders from Southeast USA and being awarded the 2023 International Business of the Year award; leading one of the largest business delegations from North America to the WTCA General Assembly in Accra; and establishing an official city-to-city partnership between Accra and Savannah covering areas such as trade, culture, urban planning, education, environmental justice, healthcare, tourism, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


  • Global Member of the Year: WTC Bengaluru (selected by the judging panel from the winners of the five Regional “Member of the Year” categories)


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2nd Biennial (2022): 

  • Champion Award for Member of the Year: Karen Gerwitz of WTC Denver for her coordinating role in the WTCA Trade Service Operating Manual, which provides member support to connect with their counterparts within the network to foster international trade. With the manual, she also expands the reach and quality of the trade services, which helps WTCA members maintain and provide the highest quality service to their business members.


  • Champion Award for Connectivity: Freerk Faber of WTC Twente for initiating a number of joint projects between WTC businesses, and his dedication and willingness to improve the WTCA network and connections.


  • Champion Award for Reciprocity: Evert Jan (EJ) Schouwstra of WTC Leeuwarden for his involvement as Vice-Chair and current Chair of the EMEA Trade Services Member Advisory Council as well as his “Promising Cities for International Business” webinar series.


  • Champion Award for Network Support: WTC Toronto for initiating the Trade Accelerator Program and taking the lead on virtual and in-person trade missions with other WTC businesses, and supporting those WTC businesses to host their own.


  • Champion Award for Sustainability: WTC St. Louis for its Mosaic Project to integrate immigrants into the St. Louis community for equal opportunity and gain the support of the international business community.


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Inaugural (2020): 

  • Champion Award for Member of the Year: Pamela Pascual of WTC Metro Manila for representing the WTCA brand effectively, providing brand exposure to thousands of businesses entering its expo space and availing themselves of the multiple services that the WTC Metro Manila team provides.


  • Champion Award for Connectivity: Cheryl Smith of WTC Las Vegas for offering incredible VIP benefits to all WTCs and their delegates at the world's largest consumer electronics show, CES® in Las Vegas.


  • Champion Award for Reciprocity: WTC Dublin for offering B2B matchmaking services and preparing their member SMEs to go global, ensuring benefits of the business transaction are properly reciprocated.


  • Champion Award for Network Support: Karen Gerwitz of WTC Denver for sharing her knowledge and experience with her fellow WTC members, and making important contributions to the network through her work in the WTCA Member Advisory Council - Conferences & Exhibitions and Trade Services.


  • Champion Award for Sustainability: Evert Jan Schouwstra of WTC Leeuwarden for inspiring WTCs and companies from across the world to learn more about The Netherlands' strength in the following Sustainable Goals: clean water and sanitation, good health and well-being, industry innovation and infrastructure, and gender equality, among others.


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