Reach a global audience!

The WTCA Global Business Forum is a global event, with attendees from over 90 countries worldwide across an array of industries! The 2024 GBF includes an outdoor exhibition hall and bazaar, open to all GBF attendees and the general public. 

Booth Details

  • Location: Lakeside at an outdoor area near Orion Mall, adjacent to flea market
  • Dates: 4th March (Monday) - 6th Wednesday (Wednesday)
  • Rate: 1.2L plus GST @18%   or US $1,710
  • Booth Time: 10am-7pm
  • Booth area: 80 sq ft (8x10)
  • Only one company / product can be displayed per booth

Booth Inclusions

  • Two Complimentary event passes with access to 4th March: GBF Mainstage sessions
  • Lunch coupon: 4th, 5th and 6th March
  • Refreshments (tea/coffee with cookies during the day from Galaxy)
  • Logo on event website - exhibitor page, brochure and on the conference mobile app.
  • 1 table, 2 chairs, and 1 power socket (TV for display can be hired on extra rentals​​​​​​​)

Interested in sponsorship opportunities?

Please contact Vivek Mathai George: 
Email: vivek@wtcbengaluru.org or Phone: +91-8089099915

Set on the Brigade Gateway Campus, along with WTC Bengaluru, Sheraton Hotel, and Orion Mall, the 2024 GBF Exhibition & Bazaar will be EPIC! Take a peek below at the concept.